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Join our Team

Tree Care Professional

Hall’s Tree Care is a family-owned and operated company that values honesty, teamwork, trust, respect & professionalism. Our company is growing fast into many different areas of tree-related work. This is your opportunity to be on the ground floor of a growing company that welcomes and values your input and will give you the respect and recognition you deserve. 

If you have any of the skills listed below, please send us an email explaining how you can be of value to our team. 

  • Climbing experience

  • Can properly tie common arborist knots

  • Tree Planting

  • Tree Pruning- large and small trees

  • Knowledge in plant health care

  • Proficient with chainsaws & other common arborist tools

  • Can operate equipment

  • Can drive large manual trucks, with trailers, forward & backward. 

  • Have a CDL

  • Mechanic skills

  • Sales/ Estimator background


Email with the subject line ‘TREE WORK’, in all CAPS. (Any emails without ‘TREE WORK’ in the subject line will not be reviewed) 

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