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Our latest Projects

We know everyone likes to see what they're getting before they buy. Check out some of our latest work and see what we have to offer!

Lakeside Rigging Job

This job was very tricky job on a lakeside property. We had multiple removals next to the lake and had to get them up the hill to the driveway. We didn't want to carry the brush up the 100 or more steps, and we didn't want to drag it uphill through the vegetation and cause mud, which would then run off into the lake during rain. We rigged a pulley system from the top of the hill to the bottom to lift piles off the ground and pull them up to the top. Once there, we used another pulley system to move the brush piles to the driveway to chip. 

Treehouse Removal

We had to remove a tree that had a treehouse built around it. We removed some limbs, then tied the rest off to the hitch on our truck. Mike performed a '5-step' felling technique. He cut the strap, got down to a safe area, and had Corey pull it over in the truck.

Dying Ash on a Hillside

A customer called us to remove a dying Ash tree on the hillside behind his house. The trees' location made machine and crane access to it impossible. So we set up a rigging system using the healthy surrounding trees to make a Speedline to get all the brush and wood to an accessible area for us to remove it from their property. 

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